Infosys subsidiary to build healthcare portal in US

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Bangalore, June 14, 2013, (IANS):

 Infosys Public Services, the US subsidiary of the Indian IT bellwether Infosys Ltd, has bagged a $49.5-million (Rs.28.5 million) contract to build a healthcare portal for the District of Columbia (DC), the company said Friday.

“The portal in the form of an exchange will benefit a quarter million residents of the district under the Affordable Care Act, as it will enable individuals, families and small businesses to buy healthcare coverage online,” the subsidiary said in a statement here.
The first of its kind exchange, known as the District of Columbia Access System (DCAS), will be a human services solution that will provide seamless healthcare coverage with minimum risks.

“As the prime system integrator, we are developing the exchange to replace the district’s legacy Medicaid and eligibility systems for providing a range of services in compliance with the new healthcare law,” Infosys Public Services chief executive Eric Paternoster said in the statement.

The district administration and the subsidiary have completed a federal review of the proposed web-based portal to allow beneficiaries access, research and choose affordable health coverage.

“The exchange will be the first of the state-based marketplaces to gain federal approval in the second phase of tests,” Paternoster said.

The new system will also deliver new case management capabilities spanning a range of the district’s programmes and agencies.

The system will provide an integrated eligibility system supporting Medicaid, private health insurance and other health programmes.

“The new system will allow the district to determine eligibility and enroll individuals, families, and sm

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