Americans spend nearly five hours a day on their smartphones

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Washington: A new survey has revealed that Americans now spend five hours a day on their smartphones where they are engaged in blabbing, texting , organizing, socializing and doing business.

According to new findings from Informate Mobile Intelligence, a Seattle-based research group that tracks and measures consumer use, Americans are data hogs, with the highest average rate of monthly data consumption i.e. 20 gigabytes, the Washington Times reported.

Smartphone users in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico spend the least amount of time on their device i.e. about two hours a day.

According to report by The Informate study that Google properties represented at least six of the top ten apps accessed across all markets. Facebook properties including FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram accounted for the rest.

In regard to entertainment apps, video and media player genres had a higher reach as compared to radio and TV. Video apps usage was highest in Mexico. Music usage was highest in India. Radio and TV apps were most popular in the U.S.

Will Hodgman, Company’s Chairman asserted that smartphones are becoming the primary screen for consumers here in the U.S. and around the world.

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