Indian students successfully build first low cost 3-D printer

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New Delhi: A group of engineering students have successfully built and tested their first low cost 3-D printer.

The students of GD Goenka University have developed a 3-D printer ‘AAKAR’, which is capable of printing objects using Poly Lactic Acid, which is a bio- degradable plastic material.

Dr. Nagar, the faculty in-charge of the project AAKAR said that the main purpose of the printer is to make technological innovation a reality as 3D printing is fundamentally changing the manufacturing ecosystem.

Future plan of the research group includes making drones for agricultural and waste management as well as using them as sensor beds for scientific studies like monitoring water and air pollution.

The students have printed a plastic LCD case as a demonstration project and have showcased their 3-D Printer during the Orientation Programme of the University.

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