Arun Jaitely had the capacity to take Amritsar the next level of development- Grewal

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Amritsar: National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Prabhari Himachal Pradesh Advocate, Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said that the battle for Amritsar was an electoral battle for a better future for the holy city and that only BJP candidate Arun Jaitely had the capacity to take the city to the next level of development.

After a nukkar meeting, in a press statement here today, Grewal said there was no comparison between Arun Jaitely and Capt. Amarinder Singh. He said that on the one side you have a reluctant contestant in Capt. Amarinder Singh, who publically stated that he would not be able to do justice to Amritsar and it’s people before he was forced to contest. Grewal said that on the other hand there is Arun Jaitely who will occupy an important ministry in the forthcoming NDA government, and will be able to remove all the bottlenecks coming in the way of development of Amritsar.

He said that we also need to increase the number of goods which can be traded with Pakistan and these were issues which only a central minister could resolve. Grewal said that voting for Amarinder was akin to wasting one’s vote. as there was no chance of the Congress forming the next government at the centre. About development work done in Amritsar Grewal said the city bus service is running successfully. He said that the flyovers and over bridges built in the city are there for all to see and a metro bus service on international pattern will also be put in place within two years.

Grewal said that now we are looking forward to Arun Jaitely for construction of eight to ten more flyovers besides an industrialisation drive in the border area through a special package. Grewal said Capt Amarinder Singh had nothing to offer to the city. He said that Capt. Amarinder Singh has come for the duration of the campaign and will never be seen again. Grewal said that his level of commitment to the city can be measured from the fact that he did not come to the city for nearly ten days after he was given the party ticket. Even now he is behaving like a decadent royal who expects people to know, tow to him and not the other way round. He said that the people are no longer enamoured by such feudal ways and will treat his candidature with the contempt it deserves. Grewal said that Arun Jaitely is here to stay and destined to script a new bright future for Amritsar.

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