Plan to deter graft is Narendra Modi’s top priority

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Bang campn Modi-Ap 8_2014-032

New Delhi: Appearing supremely confident of electoral victory, BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi on Friday unveiled his economic and political roadmap in the course of a TV interview. He also indicated that if voted to power, he would give priority to preventing corruption in future before addressing old cases, and was ready to face investigation if charges were levelled against him “professionally”.

On criminalisation of politics, the BJP PM candidate said that if he came to power, his government would ask the Supreme Court to create a mechanism to fast-track cases against legislators.

But Mr Modi also reiterated his commitment to the RSS, describing it as the “biggest nationalistic, social and cultural organisation which has been given a bad name by news traders and people with vested interests”.

He said that RSS functionaries, who have “dedicated their lives for the welfare of the downtrodden”, were “pavitra log (sacred people)”.

Targeting his main political rival, he said that “whenever the Congress goes through a bad phase, it begins to abuse the RSS”.

Mr Modi, while claiming in the television interview that he would never indulge in “divisive politics”, made it clear that there would be no “politics of appeasement” and that he “will not divide the country in the name of secularism”.

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