No jeans for girls, says Uttar Pradesh Mahapanchayat

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Barsana (Mathura): A Mahapanchayat held in a Uttar Pradesh town has ruled that girls should refrain from wearing jeans.

The order was issued two days ago in a meeting that was attended by thousands of people from 52 villages. Most of them belonged to the Yadav clan from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Barsana priest Ram Prasad said the order was made public Wednesday.

A few residents were unhappy over the order.

“It’s plain illogical and makes little sense why the village heads should issue this kind of order,” said Anuj Prasad, a teacher. He argued that it was for the girls to decide what they wanted to wear.

A few others too debated whether such impositions should be made, while BJP candidate and cine star Hema Malini engaged in a road show and sought blessings at various temples in the district.

A few other decisions made by the Mahapanchayat were, however, welcomed.

Ramesh Baba, famous for his save Yamuna movement, guided the Mahapanchayat which ruled that consumption of liquor, dowry, and other social evils would not be permitted.

“Whoever violates the orders shall have to pay penalty to the sabha,” the Mahapanchayat said, adding, “no DJ music, no gifts of tractors, cars or motorcycles”.

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