Kirron’s asset value more than her husband Anupam Kher’s

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Chandigarh: BJP candidate from Chandigarh seat and Bollywood actress Kirron Kher’s assets size is more than two fold than that of her actor husband Anupam Kher.

Kher declared her total assets size to the tune of Rs 31.57 crore as against Anupam Kher’s assets of Rs 14.3 crore.

Kher, who is contesting elections for the first time, declared her and her spouse assets in an affidavit filed along with nomination papers yesterday.

The 61-year-old actress declared her movable and immovable assets of Rs 7.69 crore and Rs 23.88 crore respectively.

She had shown her husband’s movable and immovable assets of Rs 4.65 crore and Rs 9.65 crore respectively.

As far as cash in hand is concerned, Anupam held cash amounting to Rs 7.71 lakh as against Kirron holding Rs 56,000 of cash.

Among movable assets, Kirron declared her bank savings to the tune of Rs 2.31 crore, while Anupam Kher had bank balance including savings, fixed deposits amounting to Rs 1.72 crore in several banks in Mumbai.

Kirron’s investments in tax-free bonds also stood at Rs one crore while Anupam had made investments in bonds valued at Rs 52.45 lakh. The affidavit also showed that Anupam Kher’s investments of Rs 37.45 lakh in defunct and non-listed companies whose market value was nil.

As far as vehicles were concerned, Anupam Kher has two vehicles while Kirron has one. Kirron owns 2007 model Mercedes Benz valued at Rs 61.08 lakh while Anupam Kher has 2011 made BMW and Scorpio valued at Rs 42.60 lakh and Rs 8.65 lakh respectively, as per the affidavit.

Kirron, who is MA in English Literature from Panjab University in Chandigarh in 1973, owns 12 kg gold jewelry and 8 kg silver worth Rs 3.73 crore while Anupam Kher has 70 gram of gold jewelry valued at Rs 20 lakh.

Among immovable assets are concerned, Kirron has inherited property worth Rs 13.19 crore and her own property worth Rs 10.69 crore. Kirron has 25 per cent share in a Shop cum Office (SCO) in Chandigarh, a residential flat in Mumbai and a bunglow in Chandigarh’s posh sector.

Anupam Kher has two apartments in Juhu and Andheri West in Mumbai whereas he and his spouse do not own farm land.

Though, Kirron does not owe any financial liability, Anupam Kher had dues amounting to Rs 18.86 lakh including car loan for BMW.

Kirron Kher had shown her self as film artist while Anupam Kher had been shown as film artist along with proprietor of ‘Actor Prepares’, Final Ccut, Anupam Kher Company, Anupam Kher’s Talent Company, Curtain Call and Anupam Kher Production.

Anupam Kher had shown his income of Rs 2.17 crore while Kirron shown her income of Rs 1.72 crore in their respective tax returns for 2012-13, as per the Kirron’s affidavit.

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