Pilot caught enjoying inflight Holi show; was on way to toilet, says Spicejet

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New Delhi: The showcause notice has been issued on grounds of alleged violation of safety standards after a pilot on one of the flights came out of the cockpit and took photos of a special Holi performance by the cabin crew.

The DGCA has also suspended two of the airline’s pilots. Sources said that on the day of Holi, SpiceJet had organised for two-minute Holi performances by its cabin crew on six earmarked flights for the benefit of passengers in view of the festive occasion.

During at least one of the flights, one of the pilots came out of the cockpit and clicked photos of the performance. The DGCA has viewed this very seriously and has questioned why a pilot had to leave the cockpit just to view the dance performance which could have endangered flight safety.

However, SpiceJet has argued that one of the pilots left the cockpit at that time as he wanted to use the toilet on board and that he just happened to view the performance and click a photo from his mobile phone. The airline also told the DGCA that the other pilot was in the cockpit as per rules.

The DGCA summoned senior officials of the airline on Tuesday and sought an explanation. SpiceJet sources said the DGCA had given the airline 15 days to respond to the show cause notice.

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