India Traffic Accident Victims Ignored: Motorists In Jaipur Don’t Stop To Help Woman, Infant Daughter

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India - JaipurInsensitivity towards fellow human beings dipped to nadir in Jaipur when not a single vehicle did not stop to help an injured man whose wife and daughter were crushed to death by a speeding truck at the Ghat Ki Guni tunnel. The young son of the man was also injured in the accident. The family was travelling by a two-wheeler when this incident happened.

The shocking CCTV footage of the accident that happened on Sunday showed many vehicles slowing down by the dead bodies and the injured duo pleading but not really caring to stop and offer help, according to a CNN-IBN report.

The daughter was 10-month-old and there are reports that she could have been saved had timely medical help could have been provided. However, refuting that claim a Jaipur police official said that the mother-daughter duo passed away almost immediately and were declared dead on arrival by a local hospital.

“The truck was stopped on the basis of the license plate number after erecting a barricade,” the official said. But even the police official noted that regular citizens could assist in this case. Although two-wheelers are banned from the Ghat Ki Guni tunnel, neither the authorities enforce it nor did the people obeyed the order.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  and Congress president Sonia Gandhi had unveiled the tunnel on 20 January this year.

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