Sibal calls Modi a ‘salesman’, Kejriwal a ‘showman’

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8Dubbing the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi a ‘salesman’ and the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ‘showman,’ Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal has said that wise people of the country will see through both and root for those who have always believed in introspection, taking corrective measures and doing what they can for the people.

“The Opposition presents us with two alternatives to occupy the national space. One is a ‘Salesman’ par excellence; the other is the quintessential ‘Showman.’ The Salesman has outsourced his own packaging; the Showman packages himself outdoors.”

“Both cry themselves hoarse about corruption. The ‘salesman’ targets the Congress undaunted by the BJP’s history of corruption. The ‘showman’ projects himself as the epitome of virtue and brushes all other political parties as corrupt. It is sad that the politics of today throws up people whose credentials are suspect,” he wrote on his web site.

Writing on the subject of corruption the Minister said that Mr. Modi never felt any pangs of conscience when the former Chief Minister of Karnataka B.S. Yeddyurappa was welcomed back into the BJP though he was indicted by the then chief of Lokayukta Santosh Hegde on issues related to illegal mining.

“Why then was Mr. Modi silent all along, and why was this prime ministerial candidate, who waxes eloquent on corruption, not opposed Mr. Yeddyurappa’s re-entry into the BJP? Now, when the BJP realises that without Mr. Yeddyurappa’s support, they have no hope in Karnataka, they are sacrificing their so- called moral fibre for petty political gains. How does the BJP and Narendra Modi wash their hands of this muck?” he asked

Mr. Sibal said that while Mr. Kejriwal believed that other than him everybody was corrupt, he had a different yardstick when it came to his Law Minister, Somnath Bharti.

“Despite [Mr. Bharti’s] court’s indictment of criminal wrongdoing, he dismisses the verdict.”

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