Cases are baseless, Cong pursuing political vendetta: Ramdev

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New Delhi, November 23:  Hitting back at Uttarakhand government, yoga guru Ramdev on Friday said that all 81 cases lodged against him by it were “baseless” and part of “political vendetta” by Congress.

“Congress is treating Baba Ramdev like a criminal and a terrorist. There are doing this because because I have revealed the wrong doings,” he said at a press conference.

“I challenge Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi to hold a joint press conference with me. I will give answer to their every allegation, but don’t tell lies,” Baba Ramdev said, days after 81 cases were registered against his Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust in Uttarakhand for violation of land laws and evasion of stamp duty.

Challenging the government to take action against him if any case is proved, Baba Ramdev slammed the Chief Minister for choosing to speak on charges at a press conference “without verifying them” and questioned his credentials.

“Congress has already broken many world records in corruption. Uttarakhand CM has set a new record by lodging 81 cases against a sadhu,” said Baba Ramdev and accused the party of “suffocating” democracy by lodging “false cases” against its rivals.

“It is shameful for a Chief Minister to hold a press conference like a spokesperson without verifying the charges. What sort of message Congress wants to give by appointing a tainted person as CM of a state?”, he said, alleging that thousands of crores of rupees meant for flood relief did not reach people.

Baba Ramdev praised BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and claimed Congress will be routed in six months.

Describing Mr. Rahul as a “danger” to Congress, he said, “In front of Himalaya-like personality of Mr. Modi, Rahul Gandhi looks like an ant.”

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