‘Don’t waste your vote on AAP’

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DELHI, October 27: 

What will be some of the reforms you will bring in if voted to power?

I will try to limit public interface between the officials and people by putting in place the best possible e-governance model. Even if I have to go to Bangalore, Chennai or anywhere in the world to bring a fool-proof software, I will go. Bringing transparency in governance will be one of our top priorities.

There is a lot of talk about corruption in the society at the moment. It is, however, important to strengthen the institutions that are currently in place. There should be no opportunity given to any man involved with the government to be corrupt.

What reforms will you bring in to tackle the power situation in the Capital?

We have not tapped into the opportunity to make every house in Delhi a solar powerhouse. Even a small percentage of available roof tops can be utilised to generate significant amounts of energy. I spoke about this even at Modiji’s rally. The rooftops of government buildings can be used, Resident Welfare Associations can be roped in. You can certainly bring down prices of power so easily.

Will the Bharatiya Janata Party support full Statehood for Delhi?

I am 100 per cent committed to making Delhi a full State. The NDA Government had even brought a Bill in this regard which was opposed by the Congress

What is your opinion on 15 years of Sheila Dikshit rule?

We gave the Congress many things on a platter when they came to power. Ms. Dikshit has been one of those lucky Chief Ministers who got 15 years. She talks of the Delhi Metro but for five years as a Minister, I have been party to Cabinet Meetings where the Metro issue was planned and discussed. We got the inauguration of the Metro done by the then Leader of Opposition Mr. Vajpayee… also these flyovers are the by-product of the BJP government in Delhi conceived by the then Development Minister Sahib Singh Verma.

She could not get us good water, sewers; provide 100 per cent teacher presence in schools even after 15 years, or doctors in hospitals. There have been a series of scams such as CWG, power privatisation, transport scam, ration cards and the cleaning of the Yamuna is the biggest scam. What has Sheila Dikshit done to change things? They are making a joke of the whole situation. What is this? Shouldn’t anybody be made accountable for this?

What is your impression of the Aam Aadmi Party and their motto of “clean politics”?

There are 1,300 parties in the country and every party has a right to contest and try and tell what they want. I have full faith in the wisdom of the people of Delhi and their ability to judge the situation. If anybody can actually free Delhi from an anti-people, un-friendly Congress government then it is only BJP which has a long history of over six to seven decades in the Capital. People of this city will certainly not like to waste their vote.

Calling everybody except yourself corrupt and inefficient, I think, is not a fair assessment of people in politics.

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