Congress accuses Modi of bribing a delegation from the US, just to praise him

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Ahmeddabad: The Congress has accused Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of bribing a delegation from the US, which visited the state this week, to praise him. The Congress also described the delegation’s visit as a marketing gimmick choreographed by public relations firms. The allegations were made by Gujarat Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia, who said “It is a matter of shame for our state.”

The BJP has hit back, saying paying for visits is not part of its culture.

A delegation of American lawmakers and businessmen met Mr Modi on Thursday and invited him to the US, a country that he has been unable to visit since 2005, when the George Bush administration denied him a visa for his alleged role in the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat.

Republican Congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock, who led the 18-member US team, had said they were much impressed with Mr Modi’s statement of “minimum government, maximum governance”. He also said, “We have invited him to come over to the US and share with us the work that he has done.” He said the team would speak to the US administration about a visa for Mr Modi.

The Gujarat Chief Minister tweeted after the visit, “Am thankful to the members of USA Congress & business persons for their kind words on Gujarat’s development.”

The delegation’s visit was facilitated by the Overseas Friends of BJP, a US-based organisation.

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