A for Adarsh….., says Modi

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15Jaipur, September 10; Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the country should be rid of Congress rule to make it corruption free and devised a political alphabet to take a jibe at the ruling party over a spate of graft cases.

Launching the BJP campaign in poll-bound Rajasthan, Mr Modi also continued his attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Gandhi family, alleging that the Congress leadership lacks the ability to lead and take important decisions and has no accountability.


“A for Adarsh Ghotala, B for Bofors Ghotala, C for Coal ghotala, D for Damad ka ghotala (corruption)..this is the new ABCD…which the Congress adopted to introduce a new book of alphabets for children,” the chief of BJP’s National Campaign Committee said, addressing a mammoth rally on the concluding day of state BJP’s Suraj Sankalp Yatra here.

“Corruption is Congress’ ornament, a gift, and one who does more corruption, gets promotion in the party…Corruption is a disease inflicting the country… hence if India is to be made corruption free, then it should be first congress free India,” the Gujarat Chief Minister said.

Stating there is a big difference between Congress of before 1947 and after it, Mr Modi said that after 1947 it is immersed in “Bhakti of one family”.

On the contrary, Mr Modi claimed that “…BJP is immersed in Bharat Bhakti. It is for the well being of the 125 crore people of India.”

After attacking the Gandhis, Mr Modi slammed the Prime Minister.

“After returning from G-20 summit, nation does not know what PM has done there, what he had said there…what kind of India’s representation he made there…what kind of issues raised at the international level…no new information is made available to countrymen.”

“On his return from G-20 summit, PM did announce a name of his new boss…he is ready to work under leadership of him (Rahul) after next 2014 general polls ,” he said without naming Rahul Gandhi.

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