BJP asks govt to bring Telangana bill in this session

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bjpflagNew Delhi, August 24; In a bid to capitalise on the divisions within the Congress MPs from Andhra Pradesh on Telangana, BJP on Saturday said since the government intends to extend the Parliament session it should immediately bring a Bill on carving out the new state and ensure its passage without further delay.

Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj on Saturday told reporters here that the government has created a “state of limbo” on the Telangana issue as it is not serious about creating the new state.

“Congress and the government are playing a game here. Congress thought that by announcing formation of Telangana it will placate the pro-Telangana leaders while the government through its inaction on the issue will placate those standing for a united Andhra Pradesh,” Ms. Swaraj said.

She maintained that this has created uncertainty about Andhra Pradesh and suspicion in the minds of those supporting Telangana.

Insisting that BJP has always supported Telangana and will support any Bill moved in Parliament for its creation, Ms. Swaraj said, “Government wants to extend the monsoon session upto September 5 and is also bringing new Bills which were not listed before. I demand that the government bring the Bill on Telangana and we will support it.”

Ms. Swaraj said since the Bill on Telangana will be a constitutional amendment bill, Opposition’s support would be required for its passage.

“Once Telangana becomes a reality, Andhra Pradesh will gradually return to a peaceful state,” she said.

Alleging that Congress had dilly dallied for four years after announcing that the process for forming Telangana is on, the BJP leader said her party had always maintained clarity on the issue.

“I strongly demand that government bring the Telangana Bill and we will pass it in this session,” she said.

Ms. Swaraj charged that it is due to the Congress that the Lok Sabha could not function for 20 days since the monsoon session began on August 5.

“After 20 days for the first time the House has functioned today. There have been 11 sittings in this session but no work was done. I can say without a doubt that the lack of foresight of the Congress and this government is responsible for the disruption,” she said.

Asked if BJP is divided as Lok Sabha faced continuous disruptions while Rajya Sabha has functioned regularly, Ms. Swaraj said this notion is wrong and nothing can be further from the truth.

“This is completely false. If there have been no disruptions in the Rajya Sabha it is because the people who are disrupting are not there in that House. BJP has not been disrupting proceedings in Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha,” she said.

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