Rajnath calls for new SRC

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RAJNATHNEW DELHI, July 31;A day after the UPA and the Congress Working Committee cleared the formation of Telangana, BJP president Rajnath Singh said a new States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) should be set up to look into the demands for carving out new States.

Accusing the UPA government of delaying the formation of Telangana, Mr. Singh said he felt saddened by the sacrifices made by youth in the cause of a separate State as they could not see its formation. “This happened as the decision was not taken in time,” he told journalists here on Wednesday.

Asked about demands for creation of new States, Mr. Singh said a new SRC should be set up to give a comprehensive report on the socio-economic situation. “The Centre should then take a decision after taking all political parties in confidence.”

The SRC was constituted by the Centre in 1953 to recommend reorganisation of State boundaries.

On Telangana, BJP leader L.K. Advani said on Tuesday: “As far as we are concerned, our party is concerned, if Telangana was not formed when we [NDA government] had formed three new States, it was only because of our respect to one of our coalition partners. Otherwise, we would have done it even then.”

Mr. Advani’s reference was to objections from the Telugu Desam Party.

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