American woman raped, tortured with a table leg in row over money owed by her boyfriend

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Omaha: In a horrific incident a 38-year-old woman was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, burned with a cigarette butt, whipped with a chain and sodomised with a leg broken off from a table in Omaha, United States.

The incident came to light and the culprits nabbed when the victim’s boyfriend raised the alarm after returning home to find his apartment had been broken into and his girlfriend missing as reported by the Mirror.

The culprits Ronald Ford and Shavontae Green admitted to the rape, torture and kidnapping of the victim. According to them, they did all of it because the victim’s boyfriend allegedly owed them money for a laptop.

They went to the victim’s boyfriend’s house to collect money for the laptop. Upon finding her alone, the duo beat her up and kidnapped her.

The pair assaulted their victim with chemicals, pouring boiling water over her shoulder and chest and bleaching her genitals.

They proceeded to sexually assault the woman, forced her to perform a sex act on Ford, burned her with a cigarette butt, whipped her with a chain and sodomised her with a leg broken off from a table.

The pair were arrested and now face the rest of their lives in prison.

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