Woman makes death wait to indict hubby

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AHMEDABAD: In an incident that could give anyBollywood plot a run for its money, a woman who was stabbed by her husband dragged herself to help and narrated her story to medics. The husband was arrested for his wife’s murder three days after the incident. Even after bearing multiple wounds in her chest and stomach, the woman was able to stay alive for more than four hours after the attack. The police caught the murderer Bhavesh Vasaniya, 38, on Sunday.

“Vasaniya, a resident of Khoraj village near Adalaj, married Vilas 15 years ago. The couple had two sons who are now aged nine and seven. The pair had frequent fights over financial and personal issues. The husband had become so desperate that he had decided to kill his wife. On June 21, he took his family to Pawagadh near Vadodara for a picnic. At that time, he was ready with petrol and a knife and waited for an opportune moment. However, the crowds present everywhere they ventured stopped him from acting,” said an Adalaj police official.

As a last-ditch effort, Vasaniya got down near Mehsana highway during the homewards journey. He asked Vilas to fetch him some water pouches. When she returned, he caught her unawares and started stabbing her in her chest, neck and stomach. After inflicting 11 to 12 stab wounds, he left her to die. He came out of the bushes and told her sons that she had fled with another man.

“Vilas was not dead. She managed to walk and drag herself more than 100 feet to a railway line. In the night, she was spotted by passers-by who called 108 and took her to Gandhinagar civil hospital. During the journey, she told her story in broken words to the paramedic, who caught the words ‘Vilas’ and ‘Khoraj.’ After her death at the hospital, the police started searching the village and eventually zeroed in on Vasaniya,” said BM Rathwa, sub-inspector of Adalaj police station.

Police have booked Vasaniya, an electrician by vocation, for murder and trying to destroy evidence.

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