Central Bureau of Investigation gets specialised lab to decode Apple devices

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New Delhi: CBI got a new specialised forensic lab to decipher and recover data from Apple devices seized from suspects during investigation of cases.

The new lab, inaugurated at the CBI academy in Ghaziabad, will be fully equipped with latest workstations and softwares to decode the digital information stored in Apple devices, CBI sources said.

They said so far the agency had limitations in deciphering Apple and Linux-based devices, which are becoming extremely popular nowadays, with the training of forensic experts emphasising on Windows-based software.

The specialised lab is focussed on extracting information from Apple devices using forensic softwares from devices such as iMAc, Mac book pro, iPad, iPhone and iPods as well as from Linux devices, which are basically Android-based devices, they said.

The laboratory has been given forensic tool for cloning, imaging, password recovery, forensic analysis, Internet artifacts recovery to enable the speedy probe, they added.

CBI Director Anil Sinha, who inaugurated the facility earlier, addressed newly inducted sub-inspectors at the agency’s Training Academy.

“Today, we are expected to be specialists in the investigation of not only anti-corruption offences but also in investigation of conventional crimes, economic crimes, complex financial crimes and bank frauds, high-tech and cyber crimes and crimes having trans-national ramifications.

“This Academy has imparted the basic skills and now the onus is on you to improve upon and sharpen these skills further,” he said.

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