Yogendra Yadav journey: Interesting facts about the expelled AAP leader

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Expelled Aam Aadmi Party leader Yogendra Yadav’s political journey seems to have come to an end. A noted psephologist Yogendra Yadav, was an academician before turning to politics.

Here are few interesting facts about Yadav:

Yogendra Yadav has a Muslim name too. His father named him Salim and his family and close friends still call him by that name. Yadav said he was named Salim by his father as a “secular response” to the murder of his grandfather Ram Singh in a communal riot in 1936. His sister Neelam was named Najma.

His name was changed to Yogendra at the age of five because he was being bullied by Hindu children at school.

Yogendra was a professor of Political science at Punjab University, Chandigarh between 1965 and 1993.

He was appointed a senior fellow at CSDS (Centre for Society of Developing Societies) in 2004.

A renowned psephologist and political commentator, Yadav was a regular on a number of television channels in India.

He provided advice to Rahul Gandhi for the 2009 general elections.

Yadav was appointed as a member of the National Advisory Council for the implementation of the Right to Education Act in 2010.

Yadav actively participated in nationwide anti-corruption protests in 2011.

He was one of the founding members of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Yogendra was appointed a member of University Grants Commision (UGC) in July 2011. After joining politics, his membership was perceived by Human Resource Ministry as conflict of interest. He resigned in September 2013.

Yogendra Yadav contested the 2014 general elections from Gurgaon constituency but lost.

Conflicts between him and AAP convenor Arvind Kjriwal aroused after humiliating defeat of the party in general elections.

Yogendra was voted out of AAP’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) on 4 March 2015.

On March 28 2015, the party removed him from National Executive.

Yadav was expelled from the party on April 21 2015.

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