Gujarat police catch ‘spy’ pigeon near India-Pakistan border

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New Delhi: A pigeon caught near the India-Pakistan border by the Gujarat police has left the home ministry flummoxed.

In a detailed report, the police explained how it caught the pigeon, with a chip on one leg, a ring with code “28733” on the other, and writing in Urdu or Arabic on its wings.

The Coast Guard, forest department, forensic experts and Gujarat’s anti-terrorism squad were alerted last week, but conflicting versions have come from different agencies.

The MHA officials, perplexed, said that they may ask the Gujarat police to put all pigeons in the state under scanner.

The pigeon was caught by a security personnel when it was drinking water on March 20.

The Forensic Science Laboratory in Gandhinagar has noted that the chip contains inscription like Benjing Dual, which is used to denote the pigeon race, said a source. There is another word Rasul-ul-Allah, written on the wings of the pigeon, in urdu-Arabic language. The owner of the pigeon was not found. Probe is going on.

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