Dubai-Pune AI flight lands without 50 passengers’ luggage

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PUNE: When D Vijay and his family stepped off the Air India flight from Dubai on Sunday afternoon, little did they know that they would have to rush to a shopping mall to get some essentials.

Only two of their six items of checked luggage had arrived and after the family had waited by the baggage carousel for nearly half an hour, it was clear that the rest of it was not coming.

Vijay’s family was among nearly 50 passengers on the IX 212 flight stranded without one or more items of their luggage at the Lohegaon airport. “About 50 passengers of the flight received half their luggage. The baggage could not come because of load restrictions. It will be put on the first available flight and delivered to the passengers according to the addresses that they have left with us,” a spokesperson for Air India said on Sunday. She explained that circumstances such as poor weather conditions can result in certain load restrictions being imposed on a flight. In these situations, it is customary to leave some baggage behind; it would be sent to them later, she added.

But for passengers like Vijay, the ordeal of having to do without their luggage was made worse by the response of the airline staff.

“There were so many of us, but only one person handling our complaints. There were some elderly passengers who were put to great inconvenience . I was lucky as I had managed to file my complaint fairly early. But when we left the airport at 5.30 pm, we could see angry passengers still trying to fill the reports ,” he said.

What added to the frustration was the lack of information about when the luggage could be expected. “They told us that we may have to wait until Tuesday for the luggage to arrive. We pointed out to them that they did not have to wait for the next flight from Dubai to Pune, but could fly our bags to Mumbai and then send it across by road,” said Vijay.

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