Policeman Caught on Camera Thrashing Woman in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon

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Jalgaon:  A police constable was suspended in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon after beating up a woman in full public view.

The incident, which took place in Chlisgaon village on February 21, came to light after cellphone footage recorded by the locals began circulating in the area.

The woman had been accused of stealing a pair of ear-rings. There was no written complaint against her. The footage shows constable Shashikant Mahajan, beating her up at the local bus stop, apparently on the basis of a verbal complaint. In the footage, he is then seen dragging her by the hair to the police station, around 200 meters away.

Following an uproar over the incident by the locals, Mahajan was suspended two days later.

The woman, who remains unidentified, has apparently been let off by the police.

The local police refused to comment about the case. Superintendent of police Jalinder Supekar said, “We have taken action against the constable and the matter is over. We have nothing more to add”

Mahajan is 42 years old.

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