Indian ‘bad girl’ pouts, smokes and drinks, has breasts? Social media set abuzz over viral image

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Mumbai: The internet is a vast repository of images that never fails to amuse us. Social Media is now abuzz with an image that looks like a chart and it titled ‘A Bad Girl’ (Ek Buri Ladki).

The chart lists actions that makes one a ‘bad girl’ and these qualities include – smoking, drinking, pouting, travelling to Goa, inability to make round rotis, having breasts, watching pornography and letching at boys among as some of the vices.

While the image looks like a poster from a children’s book, many are pointing out that this could be a sarcastic take on the definition of a ‘bad girl’. The illustration went viral after user @Joylita tweeted it out on Wednesday.

The creator of the image is still unknown, but has managed to garner enough attention on social media, given the dichotomy of the ‘bad girl’ image it highlights.

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