Indian Man, Friend Shot At in McDonald’s Brawl in the Philippines

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Manila, Philippines:  A 32-year-old Indian national was shot at by two unidentified Filipinos following an argument inside a fast food restaurant in the Philippines where the duo was making fun of him.

Cheten Saparaiya and his friend Julian Millard, a French national, were with a Filipina friend inside a McDonald’s restaurant in the Philippine province of Cebu’s Talisay City.

“We were eating at about 4:20 am when two Filipinos arrived and started to make fun of Saparaiya, triggering the argument. The two foreigners, however, confronted the two of them and an argument ensued,” the Filipina was quoted as saying to a Philippine Daily.

The two Filipinos then pulled out their guns and shot the two foreigners. Julian Millard was hit in the arm and the foot while Mr Saparaiya was wounded in the nape, the report said.

A 31-year-old German was killed during the shooting. He was not with the group and was sitting on another table. He was shot in the stomach.

The suspects escaped and an investigation is under way to catch them, police said.

“We have asked the restaurant management for a copy of the CCTV footage inside and outside the establishment to get the identities of the gunmen,” police investigator, Mikie Espina said.

Police later recovered at least 16 empty shells from a 9mm pistol and another 5 empty shells from .45 caliber pistol. They also found 11 deformed slugs from the two guns.

The Philippines has one of the highest homicide rates in Southeast Asia, fueled by a proliferation of firearms. The government has opposed a total gun ban, but has called for tighter control.

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