Woman ‘Burnt to Death’ by Neighbours Found Alive

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Udaipur, Rajasthan:  In a dramatic turn of events, the 90-year-old woman who was allegedly set ablaze by her neighbours in a village in Udaipur was today found to be alive.

Police said the entire incident turned out to be a concocted story of her family members who wanted to “teach their neighbours a lesson” by falsely accusing them of the elderly woman’s murder.

Jagudi was found alive in another village while the bones recovered in her house were found to be that of an animal, they said.

“Jagudi’s son Bhera Meena had alleged that his house was set ablaze by his neighbour Maana Meena on Sunday last in which his mother died,” they said.

“When the matter was investigated, it came to light that the woman was alive and was living in another village. The story of his mother’s killing in the fire was cooked up by Mr Bhera to implicate Maana Meena in a false case of murder,” police said.

Investigation also revealed that it was Mr Bhera who set ablaze his own house to mislead people, the police said, adding that the accused would be arrested for misleading the police.

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