Hyderabad firefighters in inebriated state dancing on duty

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Hyderabad: Deployed to avert any unforeseen fire tragedy in the city, Rangareddy district’s Moula Ali fire station officials were rather caught on camera dancing in an inebriated state on the New Year’s eve while on duty.

The video features 4-5 fire officials dancing and consuming liquor while in uniform, paying no heed to the alertness which their job demands.

Meanwhile, Telangana authorities have ordered an inquiry into the video. “Assistant District Fire Officer KV Krishna Kumar has been appointed as inquiry officer and a report with regard to the alleged incident would be submitted soon”, P Venkateshawar, Director of Fire Services Telangana was quoted as saying by media.

New Year’s eve is considered a crucial time for the fire department as people usually celebrate the night with firecrackers and other fireworks.

Moreover, a day before three children were injured in a blast on Friday in their classroom in Bangalore school when they inserted a detonator inside a power socket.

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