Kerala man gets 25-year jail term for alleged rape and blackmail

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A 42-year-old man in Kottayam was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment on charges of raping a woman after drugging her food, repeating the assault after blackmailing her and circulating her nude photos. The accused has to pay a fine of Rs 7 lakh, of which Rs 5 lakh should be given to the victim.

Convicted P C Shaji had been running a computer institute at Ponkunnam in Kottayam in 2007 when the crime was reported.

The young victim, hailing from an economically backward family, had been an employee in the computer firm. On a holiday, he asked the woman to report for duty and raped her after drugging her food.

When woke up, she found herself nude. Shocked, she ran out of the room. However, Shaji nabbed her and forcibly brought her back to the room, where he took her nude photos. He threatened her not to reveal the incident.

According to prosecution, the accused used to blackmail the victim showing the photos. Later, she was subjected to repeated assault. In the meantime, Shaji had circulated the victim’s nude photos in the village. As her nude photographs became public, the victim moved a complaint with local police, leading to the arrest of the accused.

Kottayam additional sessions judge S Shajahan sentenced the accused person for 25 years of imprisonment for various crimes involved in the case. In this long jail term, five years of imprisonment was awarded under IT Act for capturing nude photographs and circulating the same in public. The court observed that the accused was deliberately trapping the woman.

Police had charge-sheeted seven others in connection with circulating the nude photographs. But, the court acquitted them.

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