Alarming rise in number of children testing HIV+ve under 14-years.

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INDORE, December 1: While Indore continues to be hotspot of Madhya Pradesh for having highest number of HIV positive population since last five years, rising number of HIV positive cases in less than 14 years of age group in state is alarming. Unsafe blood transfusion and syringe usage are believed to be major reasons behind the worrying trend.
With almost four months left for the financial year 2014-15 to get over, number of HIV positive in the under 14 years of age group has touched 324 mark till October, 2014. In last six years time, highest 338 HIV positive cases were diagnosed in 2012. Total number of HIV cases in under 14 years of age group since 2008 has reached 2,152.

District nodal officer (AIDS) Dr Vijay Chajjlani said, “Rising number of HIV cases in less than 14 years of age group is definitely a matter of concern. Two children were recently diagnosed HIV positive due to unsafe blood transfusion and syringe use.” “People should ensure taking blood only from registered blood banks and fresh syringe should be used everytime,” he added. There has also been a spurt in number of pregnant women coming forward for integrated counselling and testing since 2010, say health department data. However, the overall figure of HIV positive population, including general and pregnant women continues to be stagnant in comparison to the past few years. “People, especially pregnant women are more aware and they are coming in large numbers for voluntary counselling and testing. Also, decreasing percentage of people, who have tested positive to HIV in past few years is a good sign,” said the chief medical and health officer Dr Ashok Dagaria. Overall in state, 37,65,558 people were tested for HIV and 39,114 were confirmed positive during the period 2005 to October 2014.

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