Youngsters planning to join Al-Qaeda held in Hyderabad

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The Hyderabad Police arrested two people hailing from Maharashtra, who were planning to leave for Afghanistan to get training from the Al Qaeda.

The youngsters came to Hyderabad to meet their financier, who promised to get them VISA for travel to Afghanistan.

The duo were planning to receive training for waging Jihad in India to establish an Islamic State.

Hyderabad North Zone DCP Ms. Jayalakshmi claimed that they have recovered ‘Jihadi Literature’ and literature on explosive manufacturing from them.

She said the duo were in touch with Pakistani Nationals through Facebook, and wanted to conduct a blast in Maharashtra.

The arrested are Shah Mudassir alias Talha, and Shoeb Ahmed Khan alias Pusad Shoeb. Both the accused are natives of Maharashtra.

Shah Mudassir runs a general store in Omerkhed. He completed his graduation from MANU. The accused is a member of the banned Islamic terror outfit SIMI.

As a child he was the member of Shaheen Force which was the children’s wing of SIMI.

After SIMI was banned, he joined the Association of Indian Minority Students, which was a cover organisation of SIMI.

The other accused Shoeb Ahmed Khan is an associate of Mansoor Ali Peerbhoy, (Media incharge of Indian Mujahideen, Pune Module).

Both the arrested are close friends and are extremely tech-savvy.

The two arrested persons have used social media to extensively propagate Jihad.

They also have multiple facebook and other social networking accounts.

They came in contact with Abu Saif and Kamaran Sha, both natives of Pakistan, an Afghan national Zahid Al Hindi, and Mir Showkath, Sameer Khan and Mothasim Billah residents of Saidabad, in Hyderabad.

During Facebook chats, Zahid Al Hindi of Pakistan and Mothasim Billah of Hyderabad used to motivate them frequently on propagating Jihad.

The two jihadi activists also took guidance from Kamaran Sha via facebook chats on making explosives from locally procured materials and chemicals.

In the same chat, Kamaran exhorted the two arrested activists to manufacture bombs on a large scale and cause blasts in Maharashtra.

The news of trigger bomb blasts in India would make him feel happy he said.

Mothasim Billah asked Shah Mudassir and Shoeb Ahmed Khan to visit Hyderabad for further training in Jihad.

The two met Mothasim in Hyderabad on September 3, where they were asked to visit Afghanistan to receive training from Al-Qaeda in order to wage Jihad in India to establish an Islamic State.

Mothasim even expressed that he will extended financial support for VISA processing. He asked Mudassir and Shoeb to come after October 10.

Accordingly, Mudassir and Shoeb visited Hyderabad in order to meet Mothasim Billah to take guidance from him in getting VISA and external contacts.

As per Mothasim’s request, Mudassir and Shoeb brought literature on explosives and SIMI propaganda.

The explosive literature was coded as “Hyderabadi Biryani”.

They also brought a cover page for a book “Jihad Kya Hai” authored by Mothasim’s father Islahi, who is a former SIMI member and is an Islamic scholar in Hyderabad.

The arrests are a major breakthrough for the Hyderabad police in stemming the growth of terrorists from carrying out terrorist activities in the country.

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