Demand to shift factories from residential areas

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Ajman residents are also demanding that the government shift labour accommodation away from residential areas to ensure their safety.

Residents of Ajman are demanding that the government shift industrial areas away from residential ones, as emissions from factories are affecting their general health. Industrial areas in Ajman are expanding and are mixing with the residential ones in the emirate.

Residents are also demanding that the government shift labour accommodation away from residential areas to ensure their safety.

Mustafa Al Shamsi, a resident of Al Muwahat, said residents of the area are suffering from noise and air pollution, and are facing cleanliness issues due to the rapid expansion of industrial areas and labour accommodations.

He claimed that an Asian labourer recently entered his apartment and stole mobile phones. “We urge the authorities concerned to shift the labour accommodations away from residential areas to ensure safety for families.”

Ali Jabir, another resident, said the area around his house is crowded with transportation cars and waste from factories, and residents are suffering from noise pollution due to the presence of automobile shops. Alia Al Awadi, a resident of Khan Saheb area, said: “The lack of space between industrial areas and residential ones affects the general health of the residents here … Urgent steps need to be taken to address this issue.”

When Khaleej Times contacted the Ajman Municipality, they acknowledged the issue and said the civic body is introducing measures to tackle the same.

Ahmed Al Muhairi, Head of the Projects of Public Parks of the Ajman Municipality, said: “We are planning to execute a green belt to separate the industrial areas from the residential ones. The first phase of the project will be executed around the sewerage treatment plant and the waste landfill in Al Jarf area. The belt will not only separate the two areas, but will also ensure a clean environment, which will contribute to beautifying the area.”

He pointed out that the municipality has already completed the execution of irrigation and planting the green belt in Al Jarf as part of the first phase of the project.

The first phase of the project will cost Dh5 million and will use the sewage water in irrigating the green belt. About 2,950 trees, including 727 neem trees, will be planted as part of the project.

He urged the residents to be patient and said the municipality is making great strides towards ensuring a peaceful stay for them in the emirate.

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