‘My wife stabbed herself while drunk’: Murder accused

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Husband admits putting corpse in jute bag before disposing of it in Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai: A man has denied murdering his wife — saying she stabbed herself with a kitchen knife while drunk.

The 40-year-old Pakistani, L.J., has been charged with murdering his compatriot wife, N.B., in January 2010.

“I did not stab her. She had imbibed alcohol and was so drunk that she stabbed herself. When she died, I panicked and put her body in a jute bag then disposed of the corpse in Ras Al Khaimah,” said L.J. before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

Prosecution records did not mention as to how the defendant was arrested or why the case was referred to court after four years.

When presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked L.J. if they were lawfully married, the defendant replied: “We had a verbal agreement and we went to a Muslim scholar in Ajman where we got married. I have no official papers to prove that.”

The defendant’s brother, A.J., testified to prosecutors that his brother arrived unexpectedly in Pakistan soon after the incident.

“He told me and the family that he had killed his wife in Dubai. When I asked him why, he alleged that he was drunk and had a fight with N.B. before stabbing her. He said he had disposed of her body far away and left his daughter at his neighbour’s house. My brother was having an affair with N.B. and when she conceived they got married. He told me that they constantly fought,” A.J. told prosecutors.

The suspect’s Pakistani neighbour testified to prosecutors that the defendant and his wife lived in the same compound as them in Hamdan area.

Heated argument
“On January 28, 2010 the suspect knocked on our door and asked my wife to keep an eye on his daughter because he had to travel to Pakistan for ten days. He alleged that he had to get passports issued for his wife and daughter. Two days later he came again and asked me to help him move some of his furniture to my place before he travelled. During his trip, he used to call often to check on his daughter. I never saw a marriage contract but as far as he told me they [the suspect and N.B.] were married. The defendant and his wife were alcoholics but I was not aware that they were on bad terms or ever fought. Around 23 days passed and he had not returned from Pakistan … and when I asked him why was he was late, he claimed that his elder son had fallen ill. When he brought his daughter to our residence, he cried dearly. He alleged to me that he was devastated because his wife [the deceased] had taken his money and ditched him,” said the neighbour.

The defendant was cited admitting during prosecution questioning that his wife returned home at 1.15am on January 28, 2010. “When she asked me if I had cheated on her we had a heated argument. I claimed to her that I hadn’t had any affairs. Then she produced a kitchen knife and threatened to stab my daughter to coerce me to admit that I had cheated on her, but I pushed her. Then she stabbed herself and I didn’t call for an ambulance or try to save her. She died after 20 minutes,” L.J. was quoted admitting to prosecutors.
The trial continues.

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