Dubai: Sangeetha Sanje ( Musical Evening) on 09st May 2014

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Sangeetha Sanje ( Musical Evening) by Kannadigaru Dubai in association with Scoop Events, DUBAI, has been actively involved in the promotion of cultural events in Dubai, UAE . Many cultural programs have been hosted by the organizers during the past years with resounding success.

This year the organizers on an ambitious program “Sageetha Sanje”(Musical Evening) on 09th May, 2014 at GEMS WELLINGTON PRIVATE SCHOOL, AUDITORIUM, DUBAI, U.A.E and PERFORMERS IN THE EVENT ARE:

= 3 Generation Flute by renowned artist Sri. Praveen Godkhindi and family (is a flute (bansuri) player following the Hindustani style of music, He plays traditional Hindustani style of flute as well as contemporary. His father “Pt. Venkatesh Godkhindi” is a renowned bansuri maestro, vocalist). Another noteworthy feature of Pravin’s family is that, his is the only family of flutists, probably in the entire country where the two generations Pravin Godkhindi, and his son, Shadaj Godkhindi perform together on the stage. They have already performed all over the state and some parts of the Middle East countries since 2008. It is indeed a treat to watch the three flautists speaking the musical guage on the stage Praveen Godkhindi, who is the mentor for both Shadaj Godkhindi, takes pride in the fact that at a very young age his son matches his own skill, note to note. Music critics believe that Shadaj will carve a niche for himself in the days to come.

=Hilarity show by renowned performs Mysore Anand (by profession he is a KANNADA COMEDIAN, his presentations focuses on languages, politics, technology, literature) and (he is a known for his distinctive form of comedy on stage through mime and dance associated with songs, his cricket commentary and imitation of Michael Jackson dance’s are the most popular stage gigs).

The show is a mixture of hilarity, music, mime, songs as a NEW TREND OF ENTERTAINMENT. The audience of all sections children to senior citizens enjoys this show as the show EDUCATES THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT (folk songs, theater songs, speaking styles of various parts of Karnataka action oriented mimes). In recent years this is the only form of entertainment which is able to draw audiences.

The event support group – Mallikarjuna Gowda (Chief Facilitator)0502433263,
Uma Vidyadhar (Deputy Facilitator) 0508892487,
Sadan das 0507576238,SurekhaV Babu 0501139337, Basavaraj Salimat 0504547479, Shiva kumar 0509459833, Nataraj 0506408764, Dr. Mohan Kudur 0528479098, Nagaraj Shashidar 0506251366, Chandra Shekar 0508531045.

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