UAE: Temp to hit 42 deg C

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Intermittent showers and drizzle on Sunday was a refreshing change for the UAE residents even as summer sets in. The rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning and a few accidents on the streets due to the wet weather.

Monday morning has dawned clear. Although the NCMS has forecast, ‘partly cloudy weather in general’.

The weatherman says that the sky will be cloudy at times over some areas.

The amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas, with a chance of rain.

Winds will be moderate in general and it will blow dust, thus reducing the horizontal visibility over the open areas.

Sea will be rough to moderate.

The day’s temperatures will hit a maximum of 42 deg C in the internal areas. The coastal areas will be much cooler at a maximum of 36 deg C. The minimum temperature will hover around 24-25 deg C in the internal and coastal areas.

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