Emirati girl saves brother’s life in sword-wielding gang attack

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Dubai- FightDubai : Eight men armed with swords and axes attacked a house in Dubai just after midnight, poured petrol and threatened to set it ablaze to force a 19-year-old Emirati man to come out to settle scores following a fight earlier in the day. Just as the wanted man, Rashid, stepped out to calm them down, they lunged forward and started to stab him in an apparent bid to kill him. After eight stabs, one of the assailants was about to cut the boy’s head off when his sister threw herself on top of her wounded brother, forcing the eight men to stop the attack and leave the place. The men attacked the house in Murdef neighborhood after a fight between one of them, aged around 37 years, and the Emirati boy at a parking on Tuesday afternoon. Before they shouted to him to come out, they poured petrol around the house and threatened to set it on fire.

Dubai - Fight“When my brother went out to calm them down, they just jumped on him and attacked him violently with swords and axes….I rushed out and found Rashid lying on the ground in a pool of blood,” his 23-year-old sister said, quoted by Emarat Alyoum daily. “I tried to stop them but they threatened to attack me….one of them then raised his sword and was about to hit my brother on the head…..I instantly threw myself on top of my brother…they then tried to attack my younger brothers, aged 14 and 16, but they fled….the assailants fled the area just before police arrived.” She said Rashid suffered fractures and stab injuries in the neck, the abdomen and his back, adding that he has been admitted to the intensive care unit at hospital. The paper quoted Rashid’s aunt as saying the whole family is still in a shock as “we had not imagine these men to attack boys with such violent and savage way.” She said the assailants looked between 32 and 37 years old.

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