Countdown begins for “Dhoom Dhamaka-2013”’ as famous artists arrive in Dubai

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Dhoom Dhamaka artist Dubai-Nov 13-2013-001

Report: M.Iqbal Uchila, Dubai

Dubai; Nov 13: Countdown for the ACME building materials trading LLC, Dubai sponsored much awaited, funfilled grand comedy-musical stage show “Dhoom Dhamaka-2013”has already begun.

Famous, renowned artists from the music world are on their toes to exhibit their enriched talents on the stage. People are spending their sleepless nights to witness the spectacular moment and are on tenterhooks.

The team of artists from Mumbai, Mangalore and other parts has already arrived in the town to perform their spectacular performance on Nov 15, Friday at Dubai Indian high school’s Sheikh Rashid auditorium at 5.00 pm in the evening in front of jam packed audience.

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Brisk preparation for the show, which will be held under the leadership of Harish Sherigar, MD of ACME building materials trading LLC and established singer, is taking place and stage with new design, illuminations and decorations is being built for the show.

The purpose of holding this programme is to help underprivileged, poor, destitute and hence the proceeds of the entire show will be given to charity institutions back in India.

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As the preparation is going on in full swing, artists of the show from Mumbai, Mangalore and Karnataka coastal region have already arrived

 In the thrilling and radiant programme ‘Dhoom-Dhamaka-2013, Bollywood actors and stand up comedians Krishna and Sudhesh,winners of TV comedy Circus have already arrived to Dubai from Mumbai international airport and will perform, feast of comedy programmes,which will take the audience into  entire new world of music and make  them to laugh throughout the programme nonstop.

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The Krishna-Sudhesh- duo with their brilliant performances create a history and make the day a  memorable in the leaf of comedy world  on Nov 15,Friday at Dubai Indian High School’s Sheikh Rashid auditorium

Famous singers like Gaurav Bangi and Z TV 1997 Sa-ri-ga-ma-pa winner and Hindi, Marathi singer, both are from Mumbai, who already made their name in music world too arrived to present their wonderful performance in the show.

Along with them Dubai fame and established singer, the host Harish Sherigar, renowned singers like Sandesh,Akshata Rao,Imtiaz,Melwyn D’Souza,Zameel too are busy practicing for the show.

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The talented and famous full-fledged live orchestra team led by well known Raj Gopal from Mangalore arrived late night on Nov, 12, Friday and already started their practice.

Besides, the stage for team Ocean Kids, led by Vinod Sequeira and Bayar team led by Prasanna Kumar is also set ready for their splendid performances.

 The counter for advance ticket booking will also be opened in the evening on the day of the show in front of the hall for the convenience of the viewers.

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Those who are interested to witness the show can contact any one of the following numbers for the remaining tickets to avoid last minute disappointments. 

Those interested can contact any one of the following numbers for tickets to avoid last minute disappointment.

Call : 050-1400638, 052-7800572, 050-7449275, 052-8406166, 052-9357597, 04-2636634.

Tickets are also available at Venus Restaurant in Karama and Ghusais and also at Das Prakash Restaurant in Karama.

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