Body reportedly found at Al Quoz fire scene; 1 person still missing

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Body reportedly found at Al Quoz fire scene; 1 person still missing

A body of one of the missing workers at the Sana Fashions fire was reportedly discovered a day after a blaze gutted the Al Quoz warehouse on Monday.

Meanwhile, one person is still unaccounted for, according to sources.

One revealing that a body was taken out of the premises, which was so badly burned that they were unable to identify who the person was.

Speaking anonymously, he said: “We don’t who it was, but we know the body was very badly burned and the officials are still trying to determine who it was. It is a terrible tragedy.”

Others collaborated the story, with another saying: “They are still looking for the second missing worker; the police are still here at the warehouse investigating. We pray the other man escaped.”

While an official statement is still awaited from Dubai Police, a Civil Defence spokesperson said that the case has been handled over to the former and they are investigating the scene and will release details on what caused the fire, which burned the warehouse to the ground.

Earlier on Monday, a Dubai Police official confirmed that two people were missing, with a member of its Search and Rescue division stating they were informed by Sana workers that one individual was reported seen entering the restroom before the fire broke out and wasn’t seen again by his colleagues.

It is being reported that nearly 140 people worked in the warehouse, which caught fire approximately 11.10am on Monday morning.

Civil Defence were on the scene within 10 minutes of the fire breaking out, but it took them until 4.30pm to douse the flames.

The matter is still under investigation.

An official from Sana Fashions declined to comment on the incident.

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