A royal treat for the senses

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Discovery is all about learning and experience. It’s about leaving the comfort zone and experiencing the world. From its humble beginnings in 1997 when it had only 18 pavilions on the Creek Side, the Global Village has undergone a transformation with 37 pavilions, 26 restaurants and kiosks this year.
Here, is a Global Village that has been travelling around Dubai from Creek Side to Oudh Metha, to Dubai Festival City and finally Emirates Road’s Exit 37 outgrowing its different venues each time, before finally settling down and remaining open for the better part of the year at Dubailand.

Each edition brings in a new variety of sizes, shapes and colours that defy imagination. The pavilion entrances, crafted in the most iconic architectural shapes from each of their respective countries, are quite a sight themselves.

Rare items

Crossing the threshold of the African pavilion takes you on a journey through 15 different African nations with the fascinating handiwork these countries have to offer — rare leather, art and wooden carvings of animals.



China Pavilion


African pavilions


Pakistan pavilions

They say books shouldn’t be judged by their covers but the entrances are like miniature portals that whisk you off to rustic marketplaces with the best those lands have to offer. From Persian carpets worth millions, a Turkish sofa made of anaconda leather studded with amethyst stones, to exquisite Yemeni amber rosaries. Be it the softest Afghan silk carpets that leave your feet tingling, the most adorable Pakistani pashminas that have you feeling snug as a bug, to the comfy Moroccan leather poufs.

Beauty is in the love with which each of these everyday and not so everyday masterpieces was crafted, the beholders and users of such, are bound to agree.

Cultural mix

It’s just about what you see that will take you round the world. Where else can you go to experience the unique sounds of so many different countries in one place? From the famed tabla to the eccentrically named didgeridoos of the Australian outback. Folk music from all corners of the globe accompanies dancing troupes who will have your feet tapping to the beat irrespective of where you’re from. There’s something unique about music that transcends the barriers that people normally erect, bringing everyone together.

global-village (1)


Global Village b



images (5)

images (6)

Scents of the world

The scent of Tunisian jasmine and the exotic Oudh perfumes from Saudi Arabia are an adored addition to any women’s cabinet. There’s a scent for every occasion whether it’s to relax or getting set for a night out but keeping you feeling rosy fresh the next morning.

Memories are so easily triggered by scent, and it’s not hard to see why, with each fragrance possessing the individual signature not only of its country of origin but of the artist that combined the ingredients to create such unique fragrances. Each telling its own story.

jum_03272013 (2)







Culinary delights

Perhaps the best art is the work of genius you get to taste. The delights that await you at Global Village are enough to make any mouth water. From starters and desserts, to fruit treats and drinks, there’s a delicacy to tickle every taste or fancy

Shawarmas cooked in different styles from Egypt, Greece and Syria, to name a few, are just one reason to keep going back for seconds and thirds. A bite of Borek whisks you to Eastern Europe, while the Thai Tom Yum soup and crispy prawns will delight your taste buds.

A sip of Karak tea takes one to the exotic climes of India, while samosas bring home childhood memories for some. Even the caffeine addicts have places to flock to with enough espressos and coffee variations to keep you awake.


Around the world

The theme of Global Village is “The World in 161 Days”. Global Village has proven to be enough of a draw to go from being a month-long to five-months-long. It always has been, and looks set to be a huge draw for visitors. Where else can you lavish all your senses with the charms and delicacies, the world over, in one place?



Artistes from a Columbian troupe perform a ballet on March 12.

However, the message of Global Village is not one to be lost. We are all members of this global village called Earth and despite where our roots may be, there is s strong reminder here that everyone is special and wherever you may be from, we are all part of the same family.

“We have crossed miles to come to Global Village which represents a cultural hub and where people from across the globe meet. It crystallises our theme that calls for celebrating the earth and our multi-ethnic groups that descend from the same roots. From earth we were created and to the earth we shall return,” said Geoff Tye, a team leader.

All we have to do is just step out of our comfort zone. There’s always time for fun and the world is literally there. It might not be at your doorstep, but the adventure just begins when you step out. Have a look, take a whiff, feel what different countries have to offer, listen to the melody and spread the happiness. Here’s to a bon voyage of discovery.

Source: Khaleej Times

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