Colour Cultural & Melodious Event During AMCHI FAMILY Get-Together 2018 in DUBAI

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It was a memorable event presented by SL Events, Dubai for ‘Amchi Family Get-together 2018’ an anniversary celebration organized brilliantly which took place in JSS Pvt. School, Al Safa, Dubai on Friday, the 27th April, 2018. The daylong event was witnessed by packed ‘Konkani speaking family’ audience of GSB which started at around 9 am in the morning until late in the evening packed with breakfast, sumptuous lunch, evening tea/snacks, ice creams, chocolates, gift hampers and gold prizes with raffle draw.

The programme got inaugurated with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the Committee Members headed by Ramdas Kini including Sponsors Ramachandra Hegde and other members. Followed was welcome dance by Avani Kamath, Shruti Shenoy, Adya Nayak, Adya Kadri, Vidikta Pai, Prerana Pai, Smruti Shenoy, Aditi Kamath & Vindhya Pai which gave a traditional touch for the event to start.

Later President Ramdas Kini rendered the welcome note and briefed on the progress of Amchi Samaj. He later stressed that samaj bhandavas should come forward voluntarily and collectively during these programmes to make it success. Ramachandra Hegde, Sudarshan Hegde, Ganshyam Madhav Shenoy, Keshav Mallya, Rekha Nayak, Santosh Prabhu are some of the active Committee Members who have put lot of efforts in making this event possible successfully. Ramdas Kini mentioned their names for their whole hearted contribution and thanked them for their support and also thanked Shodhan for his contribution as well.

Followed was ‘Scholastic Awards’ function wherein the academic excelled students of Amchi were identified and honoured with medals, certificates and mementos by President Ramdas Kini. The programme was well organized by Rekha Nayak with the support of Guru, Keshav, Sudarshan & Harish. Around 42 students were honoured out of that Master Aniketh Kini was an outstanding student who had won the prestigious Sh. Khalifa – Sharjah Award.

M.C’s Keshav Mallya & Sudarshan Hegde later popped in with their imitable style introducing themselves differently which was thoroughly welcomed by the audience. They carried on the whole day’s programme smoothly interacting with the audience purely in their mother tongue.

Later were very many presentations of Group Dances by members from Sharjah, Dubai & Abu Dhabi Groups who presented various forms of Classical, Folk, Filmy & a traditional ‘Tiger’ Dance specially presented by Abu Dhabi Amchi Group. Audience thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and responded with whistles and applauds. The participants were Anagha Kamat, Manya Prabu, Avani Kamath, Shruti Shenoy, Prerana Pai, Aduti Kamath, Smriti Shenoy, Vindhya Rajesh Pai, Veena Pai, Poornima Shenoy, Rajani Kudva, Archana Aravind Kamath, Ramanath Shenoy, Divya Pai, Divya Pai, Aditya Mallya, Shradha Harish Shenoy, Akshatha Shenoy, Mahita Kamath, Riya Shenoy, Vivek Prabhu, Veena Mallya, Rahul Mallya, Siddarth Pai, Lakshimanth Gaidyar, Sujith Udupi Nayak, Nitin Kamath, Saakshi Laxmikanth Shenoy, Laxmikanth Shenoy, Shilpa Hegde, Deepa Kamath & Pandurang Kamath. Variety of dances included Gajavadana, Thillana, Guru Vandana, Jhimki Kammar & Hawa Hawai by Sharjah Women’s Group, Tribute to Sri Devi and many more flawless presentations.

A small skit ‘Adarsha Dhampatigalu’ was brilliantly performed by Karkala Sudharshan Hegde and Group comprising of Santosh Prabhu, Nagaraja Prabhu & Vijayendra Shenoy which was beautifully presented and well applauded by the audience.

Patriotic Singing was well presented by Guest Artiste from India, Shri. Srinivas Bhagavath with his soulful voice which mesmerized the audience. He was accompanied by Aruna Havanje in the Key Board, Vincent in the Guitar & Mohammed Aneez in the percussion.

Famous stand-up comedian Satish Nayak Harekal who came all the way from Mangalore gave a rib tickling performance with his comedy bits which was thoroughly enjoyed by both the little ones and the adults throughout.

‘Versatiles’ a virgin group of talented musicians comprising of Patrick Pereira, Vincent, Jackson, Aneez, Siraj & supported by Aruna Havanje headed by Singers Pramod Kumar, Anita D’Souza, Harish Pai, baby Aishwarya & Srinivas Bhagwat presented golden memories, melodious songs of current year & finally bhaila naach songs one by one which took the audience to the musical world. Each and every members in the audience thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the music and danced to the tunes of bhaila while the Musicians went live in midst of the audience playing and singing fast numbers which created a live ambience craving for more. The musical event was ably conducted by MC Shodhan Prasad who took the audience with his ‘wah wah’ Shayeri in between the songs.

Guest Artistes, Srinivas Bhagwat, Aruna Havanje & Satish Nayak Harekal were specially honoured and felicitated during the event. All the Sponsors, Well Wishers, Participants, Musicians, Technicians were also honoured during the event with shawl, flowers and mementos.

Ramachandra Hegde did the honours of ‘votes of thanks in the concluding part.

On the whole it was a memorable event arranged by Sandhya Creations for ‘Amchi Family Get-together 2018’ thoroughly enjoyed by the whole audience who stayed glued to the seat till the end.

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