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‘Tulu Koota’ Dubai celebrates its 23rd anniversary in a grand fashion by presenting ‘Tulu Parba 2013′ featuring grand Tulunadu Traditions

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Dubai, June 22:’Tulu Koota’ Dubai, which has been promoting the cause of Tulu culture for a cause, completed successful twenty three years and to celebrate this eventful year, organized ‘Tulu Parba-2013’, a day-long celebration in the morning on Friday June 21 at Al Nasr leisureland, Ice Rink.

The programme began in the morning and the entire day was filled with fun and frolic, and with the participation of various associations of Tulunadu come under one roof to celebrate the Tulu Parba. Indeed, it seemed like a Sarva Dharma Milana on one stage.

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By organizing unique programme like Tulu Parba-2013, Tulu-Koota convener C R Shetty created an atmosphere of Tulunadu in desert land like U.A.E whereby provided an opportunity to reach the flavor of Tulu culture,heritage,tradition to sky high level.

Tulunadu is the only one land which unites the people all across the globe regardless of their caste, religion, language and creed and allows the people to live harmoniously for the past 2000 years.

Although language of the land is Tulu, but its aroma is interlinked with all the castes, religion and this unique and rare Tulu Parba has appeared as if whole of Tulu culture is being born in this desert land.

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It is nice to see so many people in the early morning hours of Friday, who have assembled to witness the Tulu programme amidst their busy schedules. The theme of Tulu Parba 2013 is to highlight the rich heritage, tradition, culture, ethnic food, ethnic folk, ethnic artifacts, ethnic sports and ethnic way of life.

Tulu is not pertaining to particular community but it belongs to Tulunadu irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Hence Tulu Parba 2013′ has been jointly organized and presented by all the Tuluva community organizations in UAE.

In between the programme, there was a procession accompanied by Chende Maddale, tableaux along with the participation of the people with costume of Yakshagana, tiger dance, Kola, buffalo race, Kailasa with God Ishwara on top of it and chariot with mother India tableaux etc have really added another colour to the whole ceremony.

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Inaugural function, felicitations, stage programme and variety entertainments along with other activities etc have indeed attracted the minds of people assembled in the hall.

The added attraction of the day was noted Tulu theatre personalities Devdas Kapikad, Naveen Padil and Bhojraj Vamanjoor have tickled the audience with their comedy skits ‘Eer Dhoora and Pudhar Dheethji”.

The live band by Harish Sherigar, MD ACME building materials and amateur singer & his team is also an added fragrance of the event and totally made the spectators glued to the session. Apart from these there were also superb performances by members of UAE Tulu Koota.


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The programme ‘Tulu Parba’was symbolically inaugurated by all the dignitaries assembled on the dais by lighting the traditional lamp.

Thereafter P Singh, Chief guest, an official from Indian Embassy speaking on the occasion said in his address that he is very much impressed by the Tulu culture, tradition and added that Tuluvas are indeed honest and grown together and they have excelled even in business and banking fields and concluded his speech by wishing overall success of Tuluvas.

Further Dr Mohan Alva, MD of Alva’s institutes of education, Moodbidri speaking on the occasion said that Aroma of the Tulunadu soil is Iike that foundation for the language and culture had been laid down by our forefathers and still it is solid in nature. They were not degree holders even like the present generation. But they had a better knowledge about how to live, how to grow and laid a foundation for value based life.

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Umanath Kotian, former president of Tulu Academy, Devidas Kapikad, Tulu stage actor and comedian and Orator Dr.Putturaya spoke on the occasion and wished the prosperity and growth of Tulu language further.

On the occasion M P Singh, Dr Mohan Alva, Dr Putturaya, Umanath Kotian, Devidas Kapikad, Business man Karnoor Mohan Rai have been felicitated.
Sponsors, Harish Sherigar,MD of ACME building material supplies and renowned singer, Raj Kumar, President Bahrain Kannada Sangha,Shashi,Ashok Purohit,Vastu expert,Shekar Shetty,Owner of Arab udipi group of hotels,Sarvotham shetty,President,Abudhabi Karnataka Sangha,Sathish Poojary,President of Sharjah Karnataka Sangha,Praveen shetty Vakvadi,owner of fortune groups of hotels and others have been honored by presenting mementoes on the occasion.










C R shetty,convener,Tulu Koota,Girish Shetty,K S Tantry,secretary,Daya Kirodian,treasurer and among others were present.

Tulu cultural programmes like orchestra by Harish sherigar & team sang songs in Kannada, Tulu, Hindi, and Konkani. Harish sherigar, Akshata Rao, Mohammed Imtiaz, Prema D’Souza, Ashok, Zameel, and Nisha mesmerized the audience with their melodious numbers.

Tulu Nadu dance choreographed and directed by Jesmitha Vivek, a short farce Manthravadi Mahatme by Gammath Kalavidharu,Dancy dramas,Kangilu dance by Mogaveers Dubai, Konkani dance, Fashion show,Jai Ganesh dance by Boysren etc have indeed enthralled the audience and accepted and appreciated by each and every one gathered in the hall.

Deepak, Jesta and Sarvotham Shetty, Karnoor Mohan Rai have compered the whole programme.








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