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“Kateel Kshetra Mahatme” a grand success; Dubai Yakshamithraru Celebrates it’s Decennary in a befitting manner

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Dubai yakshagana-2013261

Dubai, June 15:  Yakshamithraru,Dubai has celebrated it’s Decennary on June 14,Friday at Dubai Sheik Rashid Auditorium in a grand, attractive and technical style on a stage (Rangasthala) which was well decorated and illuminated with colorful lights much to the attraction of everybody.

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The programme was started with the lighting of traditional lamps by  Padmashree Dr B R Shetty and accompanied by Sudhir Shetty,Sarvotham Shetty,Harish Sherigar,Vasu Shetty,Girish Shetty,Praveen Shetty,Vakvadi,Manohar Thonse,Satheesh Patla,Bottikere Purushotham Poonja,Chidanand and Yakshamithra associates.

According to Yakshagana tradition” Chowki pooja” was performed by Vasudev Bhat and Venkatesh Shastri in a Vedic way.

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If the programme was commenced with the traditional Devendra royal durbar, Sugandhi/Yashomathi has been enacted by Shree Deepak Rao Pejavara, who has been especially flown into Dubai as a guest artist for the occasion from India. The Versatile Deepak Rao with his brilliant act, varied actions, expressions, dance and flawless, continuous flow of deliberations lured the hearts of thousands of expatriate community from the coastal region in particular and Kannadigas in general gathered in the auditorium.

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Another impressive performance by Ravindra Uchila, a local artist as “Jaabali” with his own style of astounding dance, amazing dialogues justified his role. Shekar Shettigar as”Arunasura” with his classical dance, meaningful deliberations, varied expressions of the nine sentiments of poetic composition( Navarasa) exhibited his talent brilliantly in such a way that  as if demon has descended from the heaven in reality.

The highlight of the day was an immaculate, extra-ordinary, sizzling performance by small child artist Sharanya Shastri as Nandini.For little girl Sharanya, it was a fete to perform on dais like any other professional artists in front of thousands of spectators.Whether it is a dance or conversations, or expression, there was no match for her and befittingly justified her role of” Nandini “and has been well accepted and complimented by the dignitaries, guests and audience in the hall.

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Another local versatile,famous,talented actor Kishore Gatti in his role as Mahogra,Rishivarrya,Chanda,Prachanda,Bhavanishankar as Aadhishakti,Chidananda as clown and among other artists with their thrilling and mesmerizing performances enthralled the audience and added a life and flavour to the programme and made the programme a memorable one.

Playback musicians like P V Paramesh and Venkatesh Shastri were on a tabor (a kind of drum used by an accompanist in concert=Maddale) ,Mohan Shettigar Mijar  on Chende,Bottikere Purushotham Poonja and current Star Bhagavatha Sathish shetty Patla were on Bhaagavathige.Sathish Patla with his golden, melodious and beautiful voice has by completely mesmerizing the audience, created a world of Yakshaloka in desert land.

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Padmashree Dr B R Shetty,Sudhir Kumar Shetty,Sarvotham Shetty, Harish Sherigar,Vasu Shetty,Girish Shetty,Pravven Shetty Vakvadi,Vasu Bhat,S K Poojary,Chidanand andYakshamithra Balaga were participated in the programme.

Chief guests like Deepak Pejavar, Mohan Shettigar,Sathish shetty Patla, P V Paramesh,Gangadhar Shettigar and Balakrishna Gowda have been  felicitated on the occasion.Bottikere Purushotham Poonja has been conferred with “Yakshakala Bheeshma” award and media personnel and sponsors have been honoured with memenotos on the occasion.

Dinesh Shetty has read out the report and Rajesh Kuttar and Vittal Shetty compered the programme.

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  1. Excellent episode of Kateeleshwari enacted, enjoyed to the fullest! Local artists have done well. The dialogues between Nandini – Jaabali, Yashomati- Arunasura was worth a mention. All the best to YAKSHA MITRARU to keep going for many more years to come!

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