3-day UAE weekend: Time to plan a quick getaway

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Whether it’s trekking through the wilderness in the emirate or flying out for a much-needed break, here’s what’s on quick fast menu

With the three-day weekend – beginning June 5 – just two weeks away, now is a good time to plan out your travel plans.

Whether it’s staying back in the UAE, to explore some of its majestic terrains, or flying out to exotic locations, there’s something for everyone.

Here’re some of our top destinations for this mini-break.



If it’s sun, sand and sea that you are after, then this island nation is where you should be headed. At just 4-hours flight from Dubai, it’s convenient for a three-day break.

Apart from the beaches, Colombo also allows you to tuck away some delightful dishes and learn Lanka’s vibrant culture.

There’s also ample scope for the shopaholics and party animals, with the city boasting of some great night life.

For the lonely souls, an hour or two away from the city will take you to scenic, secluded beaches.

Emirates Airlines flies daily to Colombo and is priced around Dh1,500.

For the budget conscious, some group-buying websites are also offering four-day-three-night stay in Lanka for Dh1,999 this June. And, these reportedly include return flights, hotel accommodations, breakfast, safari and more.



Another beach destination, but this one’s more luxury and less budget.

It’s perfect for the romantics, who are willing to splurge on the tranquil scenery and turquoise waters.

Group-buying websites are flagging a romantic trip to the paradise island packed with flight tickets, meals, transfers and more starting from Dh3,299.



If a cultural journey is what you are looking for, then Istanbul is your destination.
From travelling on the magnificent Bosphorus, that connects Europe and Asia, to shopping a bargain in the Grand Bazaar, to tucking in some delectable treasures, Istanbul will keep surprising you.

There’s the Galata bridge that might not sound like the ideal sightseeing spot, but hosts restaurants and tea-houses that offer cheap grub and a good view of the European side. Even the staple visit to the ‘Blue Mosque’ that allows you to marvel at the stunning architecture should be attempted
The group-buying websites have scheduled exclusive June holiday packages that include hotel stay, return flight, and more for Dh1,970.

Fly Dubai and Air Arabia also have discounted rates to the city, with the prices starting at Dh1,200.



At just four-hours of flight time, this is another country that has much to offer in terms of history, culture, cuisine, beaches and even shopping.

This time, we are being more specific and looking at the historical Golden Triangle – Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Either you can fly into Delhi, which should cost around Dh1,500, and then hire a SUV and chart your own journey. Or you could secure the help of the local experts, who’d plan it all out for a price.

Or else, you could buy a deal off the group-buying website that tours the 3-cities for Dh2,520.


Giles, Mission Falls on the Tana

If you are a wildlife fanatic, then Kenya it is. It offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation within its boundaries.

Its rich diversity of wildlife will mean no two safaris are the same. You can source tailor-made safaris depending on your preference and how much time you have at hand.

Even the animal-phobics have much to explore in Kenya, from tropical forests to beautiful beaches, you can even hire a guide to help in your explorations.

For the long weekend, there’s an offer for Amboseli and Nairobi with air tickets, meals, and activities for Dh2,249.



Another destination that recommends a variety of activities is Jordan.

Whether it’s a dip in the scenic waters or a trek to witness Petra’s dramatic ruins, or embark on a bumpy ride on the desert trail, you have a wide selection to choose from.

You can even hire an English-speaking guide to show you the city.

You can grab an all-inclusive deal – with stay, airfare, sightseeing, meals and (even) horse riding – for around Dh4,333.



The coastal town of Salalah is the perfect neighbourhood city to escape from the scorching summer temperatures and takes only two hours by flight.

For the adventurous, you can even plan a road trip to the city. But, be aware that it will clock 12 hours, or more, depending on how fast you are on the roads.

And, once you are done admiring the Sultan Qaboos Palace and sealing a bargain at al-Hisn or Hafffa souq, you can kick-back and take in the lush, greenery around.

If you are an UAE resident, then remember to carry your passport along.

You can bag a deal for Dh779 per head for a three-day package that’s all inclusive.



For those who prefer the road over air, then hop on your SUVs and head to Hatta.

At little over an-hour-and-a-half, you can reach the majestic city of Hatta that’s located in the Hajjar mountains.

In terms of sightseeing, there’s isn’t much, barring the Hatta heritage village, which is small and easy to trek through.

For the adventurous, you can go off the beaten track and go off-roading to the Hatta pool.

To stay, there’s the Hatta Fort hotel that could find you decent accommodation for around Dh500 per night.

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