Worker stabs cousin over job and money dispute

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NRI-Rep Picture- MurderA 22-year-old Bangladeshi worker, MSD, allegedly attempted kill his cousin by stabbing him several times, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. According to the records, at around 12.30am on December 9, the victim SJA, 26, Bangladeshi painter testified that he visited his cousin at his accommodation in Naif to discuss a financial issue.

“I received from MSD Dh11,500 and promised him to provide him a job opportunity and a visa. I could not fulfill my promise nor could I return the amount because of financial difficulties. As I told him that, the latter got angry and pulled a knife that was near the door and stabbed me thrice in the chest, on my face and my hand. I collapsed and he ran away,” he testified.

The victim was rushed to the hospital. Forensic reported that the stabs were fatal and the victim could have died should he was not rescued on time. First Corporal Ali Juma testified that the accused admitted to stabbing the victim because of financial dispute. The Court will reconvene on June 10.

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