Kannada version of ‘Holy Quran’ released in Dubai

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Dubai,May 12: The Kannada version of ‘Quran’ was released by Dr.Omar Mohammed Al Khatib,deputy director Islamic religious affairs department,Dubai on May 11,Saturday at Movenpick Hotel situated opposite American Hospital near Lamcy Plaza,Dubai.

After releasing the Kannada version of ‘Quran’,a holy book of Islamic he said in his speech that ‘Quran’was conceived for the welfare of the all the human beings on the earth and must be read,understand the meaning of the Quran and substance contained in it by each and every individual and try to live in line with the principles preached in the book.

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In this context whatever work has been done by Abdusalam Puttige for the translation of this holy book to Kannada is highly appreciable and laudable, he added.

He further said that this holy book to be made available to everybody and try to live in line with the principles as stated in the book and urged his fellow Muslim brethren to help people from other religion to understand the basic principles of Holy Quran.

Hon’ble M K Lokesh-Indian Ambassador to U.A.E said in his chief guest speech that India is a land  of diverse culture, where people from different religion lives in harmony. He emphasized the importance of understanding the other religion and its principles in depth for the harmony amongst the people from other religion through the works like what Abdulsalam has done by translating Quran to Kannada, which happened to be his mother tongue and expressed his happiness over the same.
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He further said all the religion preaches the same about humanity on the earth, which must be understood through Quran and India is a land where people from diverse culture,different religion lives in peace,tranquility and in harmony regardless of their caste, religion, creed and languages.
Besides it has got the credit of being the land of birth place of freedom fighters like Tippu sultan and prevails the atmosphere of peace,tranquility and harmony, he added.
Abdusalam Puttige in his speech said that everybody must try to understand the meaning of other religion and its principles through their religious books in depth,which not only helps to enhance the skill of understanding/knowledge about other religion and also to respect other religion,he added.
Puttige, further said Quran says,nobody is above the God and he is supreme.It teaches how to solve debatable questions about God,helps to clear doubts about creation and creator,measures to be taken in our daily life and also teaches how to respect other religions and discourage the people from  disrespecting  other religion.
In the programme chief guests like Fr.Re Alfred Pinto from Kinnigoli; Shodhan Prasad, Nama Tuluvere Sanghatane; L K Puthran, President, U A E Mogaveer Sangha; Herman Louis, Radio Spice,Sayyed Khalil, Businessman; Sathish Poojary,President, Karnataka Sangha,Sharjah; Ganesh Rai, former president of Sharjah Karnataka Sangha; Afroz Asadi, convener and other dignitaries were present.
Abdul Lathif recited the Kirat and Tanvir welcomed the gathering and anchored the programme.


  1. Dear Sir, Asalam Walakum i want to read quran in Kannada complete please can you advice me where i can go and download, because i con’t able to read Arabic version quran

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