Oman: Flood fears rising in Ibri

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Muscat: Heavy rain battered Ibri again yesterday and brought normal life to a standstill as roads were cut off by dangerously overflowing wadis, and Quriyat, Qalhat, Nizwa, Jabal Shams, Saiq, and Samail witnessed a continuation of the downpour.

According to sources in Ibri, it continued raining for the third consecutive day yesterday, bringing normal life to a complete standstill. Residents fear the looming threat of food and water scarcity in the coming days if the situation persists.

The entire area is now almost deserted since two overflowing wadis have cut off access to the roads. Several houses in low-lying areas have been inundated. House has been flooded. If it continues to rain, people will have to be moved to a shelter. Several cars being swept away in the wadis. So far, no causalities have been reported. Civil Defence officials, with the help of the ‘choppers,’ are braving the bad weather and are engaged in rescue operations.

A source in Ibri said the area had yesterday witnessed the heaviest rainfall it has ever experienced in the last two decades.

According to the Civil Defence department, individuals stranded in flooded houses, cars, and trailers in Ibri and the nearby areas had been rescued.

Earlier, according to sources, 22 people were reportedly stranded in Ibri, and a five-member family was stranded in Bahla.


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