Kavitha Ramakrishna wins coveted ‘Oman Woman of the Year Award 2019’

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MUSCAT: Arts, culture and community work connoisseur Kavitha Ramakrishna has been awarded the prestigious ‘Oman Woman of the Year Award 2019’ in the category of arts. The Apex Press and Publishing Group-instituted ‘Oman Woman of the Year Award 2019’ provides annual recognition to outstanding contributions and achievements made by women in diverse fields including technology, medicine, law, arts, education and sports among others.

The ‘Oman Woman of the Year Award 2019’ was presented to Kavitha Ramakrishna at a special ceremony held in Grand Hyatt Muscat recently.

Kavitha Ramakrishna is known for innovative approach to promote art and culture. She is renowned as a Tanjore style artist, Sanskrit language expert, yoga practioneer author and a dedicated educator.

On receiving the award, Kavitha said, “It feels wonderful to be recognised with this significant award. This award aims to celebrate the power and extensiveness of talent that every woman possesses. The award is a recognition of the depth of women’s ingenuity and their ability to perform in diverse field and excel. I would like to wish all the nominees and the winners every success in their future ventures.”

She added, “My mission is to transform the world with arts and culture by contributing to an open, knowledgeable and creative society in all ways possible. With awards such as these, I feel encouraged to do more in my areas of interest.”

Kavitha has received multiple awards for her work, including Indian state Karnataka government’s Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Award, Al Mara Excellence Award, Indian Embassy Oman award for significant contributions in the field of arts, culture and community work.

During her long stay in Muscat, Kavitha Ramakrishna has set high standards while working on creative community initiatives. Being a cultural ambassador, she has used every opportunity to create people-to-people and cross-cultural connections between Omani and Indian citizens.

As part of her effort to promote India’s and Oman cultural bond, Kavitha has used her expertise in the ancient art form of Tanjore paintings to capture Oman’s rich heritage by portraying the country’s spectacular architecture, forts, mosques and jewellery. Her Tanjore art portraying India and Oman’s rich heritage adorn the walls of some of the important institutions in the Sultanate. Kavitha has been invited to showcase her art work at many of Oman’s top events and art exhibitions.

Kavitha has encapsulated the unique character of extraordinary Oman in a book in the Kannada language titled ‘Na Kanda Muscat’. As a distinguished writer she has also authored a book on sun salutations titled ‘Tamoghna’. Kavitha was the only woman achiever who had honour of meeting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his official visit to the Sultanate of Oman and apprising him of her book on yoga ‘Tamoghna’.

To promote the ancient language of Sanskrit in Oman, Kavitha has worked tirelessly offering free classes to interested learners in Muscat along with Tanjore classes. Along with using her expertise in the art form of Tanjore to showcase India’s artistic magnificence in Oman, she conducts special classes to teach the rare art without charging any fee.

Kavitha recently set a surya namaskar (sun salutations) record by performing 432 surya namaskars at a stretch to become the first person in Oman to have achieved the feat. The accomplishment was performed at the ‘surya namaskar relay’ organised by a yoga studio in Oman. Surya namaskar or sun salutation is a yoga practice combining a sequence of 12 elegantly linked asanas.

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