Two killed in flash floods during rain storm in Oman

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Oman Rain _Apr 9-2016-002

Their vehicle was swept away by flood waters in Wadi Kabeel of Qurayat province on Friday

Muscat: Despite repeated warnings by Omani authorities, two Omanis were killed when their vehicle was swept away by flood waters in Wadi Kabeel of Qurayat province on Friday.

Three other Omanis were rescued in Wadi Bani Karoos in the Dhank province according to the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance (PACDA).

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Heavy rain has been lashing northern parts of the country due to a deep depression which is expected to last two more days.

The rain forced the cancellation of the Red Bull F1 Showrun, where Scottish driver David Coultard was expected to make an appearance in Mutrah Corniche on Friday afternoon.

The race lasted for less than two minutes instead of the planned two-hour event. Hundreds of racing fans had gathered along the sea road in Mutrah to watch the race.

Many roads that link provinces such as Nizwa, Ibri, Bahla, Rustaq, Sinanah and Nakhal in the north were flooded and caused traffic snarls.

Heavy rain reported in Ibri, Bahla, Nizwa, Dima wa Tayeen, Nakhal, Awabi,Izki Rustaq, Yanqul, Dhank, Barka, Seeb Bausher, Mutrah and Samiyl provinces, resulted in flash floods.

Some parts of Samayil province were covered by snow. Pictures of the snow went viral as people shared pictures of playing in the snow on social media.

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