Kuwait bride killer gets death sentence

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KuwaitManama: A Kuwaiti court on Wednesday sentenced an Ethiopian domestic helper to death for killing a Kuwaiti bride a day before her wedding. The court said that it found the helper guilty of slitting the throat of her employer on November 17, 2001 at her home. She was arrested at the airport as she was about to leave Kuwait.

According to reports in Kuwait, the helper said that she committed the murder as an act of revenge against the family for ill-treating her and for planning to repatriate her. The helper had planned the killing for one month, but wanted an “auspicious” opportunity in order to ensure she was not caught, local media said. She was eventually able to carry out her plan when the woman was alone in the house.

The helper said that she took a cleaver from the kitchen and sneaked into the victim’s bedroom where she struck her. The Kuwaiti woman reportedly fought back when she understood the gravity of the situation, but she was overpowered by the attacker who killed her. The helper then looked for her passport, took 220 dinars (Dh2,832), took a shower and left the house to ride a taxi to the airport where she sought to buy a ticket out of the country. She was, however, arrested by the police and she confessed to committing the crime. (GN)

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