Police hunt for parking lot murderer

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Crime SceneManama: Police in Kuwait have launched a massive combing operation following the murder of a woman in a hospital parking lot.

The 31-year-old was reportedly stabbed three times by her assailant after he unsuccessfully tried to strike up a conversation with her while she sat inside her car in the parking lot of the Mubarak Hospital on Wednesday evening, local news site Al Aan said.

The assailant reportedly smashed the car window to inflict the mortal wounds. Reports did not explain why the woman was present at the spot at the given time and if there was any relation between her and the killer.

Security sources told Al Aan that the police had been able to identify the killer by his car licence plates and that his arrest was imminent.

A court this week sentenced four people to death after they murdered a dentist born to a Lebanese father and Kuwaiti mother following an altercation at a posh shopping mall in Kuwait City.

The police said that the man was stabbed to death followed a heated argument over priorities at the mall’s parking lot.

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