Kuwait: IMWA Conduct Award Conferral for Qur’an Competition

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Kuwait, Jan 17: IMWA’s Award Conferral of Quran Competition 2012 was held on Friday January 11 at Jamiat Al-Islah, Rawda, Kuwait.

The award conferral function was anchored by five bright IMWA member children Osama, Aijaz, Ali Reza, Umaima and Suha. The lively anchors kept the audience engaged and informed of the events for the evening. This was an evening for the children presented by the children.

The function started with recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman by Shuaib Bin Omar winner “Group D” Quran Recitation and the translation was read by Adila Mohammed winner “Group E” in multiple categories.

This was followed by Br Mujeebullah KV, the convener of the event who gave a short and impressive speech and requested the parents to encourage the children to participate in Quran competitions.

Br Mohammed Manshauddin, the president of IMWA welcomed the chief guest, The Charge de affairs of Indian Embassy Vidhu Nair and the guest of honor Abdul Aziz Al-Duaij, general manager of Islam Presentation Committee (IPC), Kuwait. He welcomed the guests, dignitaries, IMWA members and its executive committee and more importantly, the winners of the Quran Competition.

He informed the audience about introduction of the parents program in 2012 Quran competition, which received an overwhelmingly good response. The president thanked the sponsors who supported in conducting this program with a special mention of VIVA who were the co-sponsors of the event.

The president requested the chief guest, The charge de affairs of Indian Embassy Vidhu Nair to release this year’s IMWA souvenir.  During his speech, Vidhu Nair acknowledged the importance of IMWA’s social welfare activities and their benefit to the Indian Community. He also recalled his presence in the Education meet that was conducted in May 2012.

Abdul Aziz Al-Duaij, general manager of IPC gave an inspiring speech. He praised the efforts of IMWA for conducting such competitions which help childrenexplore and understand the true meaning of Islam. He expressed his appreciation on how India with a vast population comprising of different cultures, languages,religions still live peacefully in co-existence. He said that Arabs and Kuwaitis have a lot to learn from this example.

Federation of Indian Muslims (FIMA) president Mukhtar Marouf went back memory lane and recalled when he was part of the organizing committee of the IMWA Quran competition and was proud to note the progress this event had made since.

Br Iftekhar Ahmed and Br Abdul Wahab Rumane were given special awards by IMWA president in recognition of their long standing and valuable contribution.

”AsmaulHusna” presented by brightly dressed girls of Indian Public School, “Mother knows best” a wonderful skit by IMWA member children, ”Farsh-e-Torab” presented by Integrated Indian School and an Islamic song “For the Pleasure of Allah!” by IMWA member kids kept the audience spell bound.

Some of the Quran competition, elocution competition winners presented their award winning speeches to the audience. Their performance on stage proved beyond doubt their well deserved first position.

The chief guest, guest of honor, senior members of IMWA as well other dignitaries present distributed awards to the 96 Quran Competition winners and 16 Edumeet essay writing winners out of the 500 students who participated in the Quran competition and the 200 who participated in the Edumeet 2012.

The program concluded by vote of thanks offered by IMWA’s General Secretary, Br Israr Ahmed to all those who attended this Award Conferral function. Dinner packets were subsequently distributed to all the attendees of the Award Conferral Function.


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